Stylish Lunch Bags for Back to School 2015 July 01, 2015 11:44 4 Comments

Mitz Accessories 5 Stylish Lunch Bags for Back to School

Looking for the latest and most stylish lunch bag trends for back to school? Check out the list below from top lunch bag companies: 

1. Mitz Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag in 'Sweetheart' Pattern

Only $21.00 from

Mitz Accessories Sweetheart Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bags

A 'sweet' take on the average neoprene lunch bag, this bag combines style and function with it's lovely red watercolor hearts pattern. Check out the entire line of Mitz coming out in July 2015 which includes  a 'kittens tooth' pattern perfect for cat lovers and a 'snow leopard' pattern bag made to compete with todays latest handbag fashions. Keeps food hot or cold for 4 hours, zips closed and easy to clean! Hint: Sign up for the mailing list on the sidebar to your right of this webpage to get a 15% off coupon.
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2. Built NY's Bistro Lunch Bag

Only $29.99 from BuiltNY on

A great take on an old classic lunch bag style, the Bistro lunch bag is great for those who need a lot of extra space to store snacks and other items. Boasting the capability to fit a 52oz container and more, this bag is a great fit for lunch and after school snacks. Release date: August 8th, 2015.
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3. Built NY's Uptown Lunch Tote

Only $29.99 from BuiltNY on

If style is your game, this lunch bag is made for the 'uptown' luncher who demands style and functionality. A smaller lunch bag, this fashionable tote is great for carrying a lunch on the go and doubles as a wardrobe accessory. 
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4. Pack It Uptown Freezable Lunch Bag 

Only $24.99 from on

Similar to Built's Uptown Lunch Tote, this bag also features a cross-body shoulder strap great for lunchers on the go who need an extra hand. Easy to fold and store, this lunch bag is great for storing items for long periods of time - the lunch bag boasts a 10-hour chill time for most food and beverages.
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5. Sugarbooger Good Lunch Sack in Pink Punch

Only $16 from Ore Originals on

Sugarbooger Good Lunch Sack in Pink Punch

Keep food cold or hot in this insulated lunch bag that boasts a durable denier nylon exterior that's easy to keep clean. Sleek and chic, this lunch bag is the right amount of simplicity mixed with style. 
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6. Bonus! Create your own...

Feeling extra creative? Check out the video below from The Mom's View to see how to create your own lunch bag... You can get really creative here :-)