7 Proven Strategies to Increase Likes on Facebook Business Pages October 24, 2016 18:59

Mitz Accessories’ gender-equal clothing line was funded on Kickstarter this past March. Since then we've been working incredibly hard to get our Facebook followers up as a majority of our referrals and sales come from social media. A LOT of people reach out to me about how to gain subscribers on social media platforms – specifically Facebook. Below I share the top 7 strategies that have worked for us:

  1. Create cross-promotions with similar-market companies - to share market audiences with similar companies we'll often run cross-promotion contests. For example, we just ran a giveaway loop with Princess Awesome, BuddingStem and Svaha USA on instagram. We created a loop where each person tags the next person. To enter the giveaway, people had to like each person's instagram account. For a bonus 10 entries, people could repost the contest to share it with even more people. While this example ran on instagram, it could very easily work with Facebook and other social media platforms. Since we're a small business, we never pay for these giveaways and instead focus on giving away product. However, it should be noted that these types of giveaways are often scheduled with larger companies 3-6 months in advance. 

  1. Create Organic Viral Posts - We're always trying to think of how we can engage with our loyal follower's friends and the community of supporters at large. I recently wrote a Feminist Mom's Rant that went viral. We received a lot of likes from this on our Facebook page after it was picked up by #letkidsbekids
  1. Plan Giveaways with Medium to Large Blogs using Rafflecopter - A great tool for giveaways is Rafflecopter. With Rafflecopter, you can have people like all of your social media pages in one place as a way to submit an entry for a contest. We'll often work with blogs such as Gugu Guru to create giveaways around our products and then tailor the giveaways towards Facebook where we see the most conversions and traffic. The giveaway we ran with Gugu Guru can be seen here. After 7 days there were 1,068 entrants and we’d seen an increase of at least 150+ new subscribers to our facebook page.
  1. Maintain Engaging Content that Resonates with Target Market Audiences- We really take the time to plan out our Facebook content so that it keeps our audience engaged. Before posting anything I always ask myself, "Would I want to read this?" Is this content engaging our followers in active discussions? The more activity you can inspire on your page, the better.  
  1. Support Similar Companies by Featuring Them on Social Media  - In an effort to work with other social entrepreneurs that are doing amazing work, we've started featuring other companies who are blazing the trail for gender equality through their products for children. This is a new feature we're implementing this week where every Friday we feature a company we love and explain why we think it's important. We're hoping to build a community of supporters so that if we ever want to do a cross-promotion with those companies they know who we are. 
  1. Publishing Blogs - Writing content that appeals to your readers is a great way to bring traffic to your site and by proxy, fans to your Facebook page. Again, blogs are typically planned out well in advance and integrated into our social media/marketing calendar. 
  1. Work on PR Focus to Gain Attention from New Markets - We work incredibly hard to be seen in the media on a regular basis and this easily converts into likes on our social media, especially Facebook. We were recently featured by UpWorthy and found that we had a lot of new fans on Facebook after the story was posted. We also scour HARO everyday in an effort to see what relevant articles are coming out and how we can contribute.


 Thanks for reading! -Amandine 

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