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Collaboration with Rebel Green + Giveaway!

Collaboration with Rebel Green + Giveaway!

Mitz Accessories is absolutely thrilled to have joined forces with eco-conscious cleaning supply company Rebel Green! These collaborations are a great way for small businesses to introduce our customer base to amazing new products and support fellow women-owned businesses along the way! Enter to win a gift package from Rebel Green & Mitz Accessories - details and entry at the end of this blog post! 

As parents, we want to protect our kids in any way we can - especially when it comes to the products we use around the house to clean. Whether it is washing veggies and fruits, laundering clothing or washing those little hands, it’s important to know what’s in the soap we use. Luckily, Rebel Green knows how important it is too - their mission is to create all natural and affordable cleaners which families are proud to display in their homes. Similar to Mitz Accessories, Rebel Green is women-owned and making major waves in their industry. 


Plus, while it’s no secret that Mitz is a fan of eco friendly living (did you know our dinosaur spikes were made from recycled soda bottles?!), we are excited to learn that Rebel Green is dedicated to wrapping healthy and responsible cleaners up in eco-chic packaging you just can’t wait to put in your home. Check out some of our favorite products for your home and enter to win the same products below!

Fruit and Veggie Cleanwhether you’re scooping up strawberries at your local market, picking up peppers at Costco or snapping up snap peas at the farmers market, you’re going to want to wash those fruits and veggies before giving them to your little one. Don’t take a bite before using Rebel Green’s signature fruit and veggie clean! Wash produce with the Rebel

Green fruit and veggie clean and it is proven to remove surface waxes and chemicals. And, like all Rebel Green products, the adorable packaging will look great out on the counter for easy access cleaning. 

Fresh and Clean Hand Soap: it’s no secret that kids can get messy - in fact, most of the time they’re running around with something on their hands! With flu season gearing up, it’s important to not only have a soap which is effective in keeping their hands clean, but smells and looks nice too. Fresh and Clean Hand Soap is a natural plant based formula which keeps hands soft. Hardworking to keep little hands clean, and naturally moisturizing with aloe vera and vitamins A and E to keep them from drying out when they wash their hands a hundred times a day. Made with pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrances! Their retro and friendly looking label is fun to keep out on the sink with bright colors and a welcoming scent.

Make sure your home is ready to go this winter with Rebel Green cleaning supplies; keep your child’s clothing, produce, and hands clean in a safe way which smells great. Head below to win a set of Fruit and Veggie Clean, Fresh and Clean Hand Soap and Fresh Laundry Detergent!

Photos courtesy of Extra on Top

Mitz Accessories + Rebel Girls Giveaway





  • We evacuated Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria and are so excited to be going back home to our island in a few more days! It has been intense and expensive and we would love to win this for ourselves and to share with others ❤️

    Nicole Hammond
  • Great prize, love to win it.

    Sally Webb
  • Would love to win this. Have my first grandchild due in January. I would like to give her the best start possible since her parents are living with us. Thank you for this opportunity.

    debi grudzinski
  • Would LOVE a chance to win!! Woo hoo!!

    Carol Harrigan
  • If I were to win, could I donate the store credit? I don’t have any kids that don’t have fur, so…

    Suellen Stewart

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