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Millenial Parents are Investing in Gender Neutral Nurseries – here’s why

Millenial Parents are Investing in Gender Neutral Nurseries – here’s why

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a new baby is designing and setting up the nursery. Parents love to dream about where they will rock their baby to sleep, what the crib will look like, what paintings will go on the wall...but, interestingly enough, more and more millennial parents are opting for gender neutral nurseries!

Why Gender Neutral Nurseries?

There are a variety of reasons that gender neutral nursery themes and colors are so popular right now. One of the main reasons is that more and more parents are opting to not find out the baby’s sex before birth, so they need to have a nursery ready for either sex. By keeping the nursery theme and color scheme gender neutral, they can prepare for baby before they come.

Also, gender neutral nurseries are a fantastic investment in your future because if you have a boy or girl first, and then the opposite gender second, you don’t have to re-buy everything - it all still works just the same! And lastly, gender neutral nurseries are a wise investment, as they tend to grow much more easily with the child’s age than a gendered nursery does.

"Millenial parents want more options that allow them to make a minimal investment for the maximum output and this extends to baby products," says gender neutral clothing designer Amandine Liepmann of Mitz Accessories. "Not only do parents more options for their children in terms of colors and themes, they also understand that strongly gendered nurseries will cost them more money in the long-run if they plan on having additional children and want to change the decor." 

Check out these gender neutral nursery ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Gender Neutral Design Ideas:

When it comes to actually designing a gender neutral nursery, the ideas are limitless! 

"There is so much you can do with it and it is gender neutral…plus you can layer in any texture or color with it. I tend to like keeping things neutral with the visual impact of black and white and softening it with sheepskin, lighter woods, metals, and natural materials and fibers."

Check out this black and white gender neutral design from Project Nursery.



  • another popular color within this post is gray - gray seems to be a wonderful base color for nurseries, as you can add any pop of color to it! Check out the top 100 posts for gray nurseries on Pinterest. Gray is also a really soothing, calming color and makes it easy to mix and match existing furniture that could double as nursery furniture. 

"I often hear from millennial parents that they want to try to use sustainable practices whenever possible. Buying used baby items or hand me downs is a great way to get more bang for your buck when you're planning on a new baby. Gray is a great color because it matches anything," says Liepmann. 

  • When it comes to decor and artwork for gender neutral rooms, think global! Decorate with maps, globes, animals - and even veer off into the universe with stars, suns, and moons. All of these themes will grow with your child, so you don’t have to invest more money a few years down the line for a 'big kid' room. We love Milk Street Cribs as a gender neutral crib because their 4-in-1 design converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and adult full-size bed - talk about a smart investment!
  • Gender neutral nurseries are also ideal for twins; pick a color combo, like green and gray or aqua and yellow and have fun with patterns! Check out these adorable examples from Momtastic! If you stick with a color palette, look for crib sheets, swaddle blankets, mobiles, and even diaper pails in patterns which match the color scheme. The room will feel ties together and really stylish, just by choosing two colors and running with it!


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