What Mitz Kids is All About February 13, 2018 17:35

Mitz Kids believes that in order to breakdown cultural implications of hyper-masculinity, we need to be focusing on letting boys embrace traditionally feminine themes and colors in children’s clothing. The growing fashion trend around girls embracing STEM themes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is wonderful but incomplete. In order to truly move forward as a culture, we need to let boys embrace characteristics traditionally seen as feminine.

Mitz Kids is reinventing children’s clothing with designs that break down gender stereotypes and envision a future where children can choose who they are and who they grow up to be. Each design is created with research into child development. With each design we create we ask ourselves, ‘What are children learning about the world? What are they learning about themselves? How can we support them in this heightened time of learning and brain development?’

We believe children’s clothing can be so much more than pink and blue. The current children’s clothing market is exceedingly gender segregated. Boys clothing is limited to primary colors (red, blue, yellow, green) and hyper-masculine themes such as sports and the outdoors. When animals are featured on boys clothing they’re typically aggressive predators. Girls clothing is limited to pastels (pink, purple) and feature wording and themes that imply they are sweet, docile with animals that are non-threatening and non-confrontational.

A new generation of parents want more options for their children that allow them to embrace who they are without outdated gender stereotypes.

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