Our Story

When Co-Founder Amandine Liepmann’s daughter was just 15-months old, she became obsessed with dinosaurs. As a side project, Amandine made her daughter a dinosaur dress with spikes down the back to support her budding interest. When her daughter wore the dress it began conversations with other New York City parents about the lack of STEM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) clothing choices for girls. She decided to put the dress on her company website and it sold out within hours.

Further discussions with other parents in New York City led Liepmann down the path of co-creating Mitz Accessories with business partner Austin Jenkins. She discovered boys were limited to traditional STEM-themed items and restrictive color choices. Specific animals were also restricted as in dinosaurs just for boys and cats just for girls. After surveying over 1,000 parents, Liepmann began designing around what parents said was missing in the children’s clothing market.

In March of 2016 Co-Founders Amandine and Austin took their idea to Kickstarter and successfully funded their gender equal clothing line with 367 backers, raising $38,000 in 30 days. Mitz Accessories has been featured in Circa, Upworthy, 32/7, Pride Life and others.

Gender Equal (beyond neutral) Clothing for Babies & Kids

Mitz Accessories is raising funds for Gender Equal (beyond neutral) Clothing for Babies & Kids on Kickstarter! Clothing for girls and boys free from gender stereotypes. Apparel that lets kids express themselves. Not gender neutral, gender equal.

Meet the Executive Team

Amandine Liepmann is the co-founder and Creative Director of Mitz Accessories. Her background includes teaching English and Creative Writing at Eastern Michigan University. After teaching for several years she moved to New York City to work with Jumpstart for Young Children, an early literacy nonprofit.

“I think it’s critically important to support children’s innate interests and to recognize these aren’t restricted to a specific gender. I want my daughter to grow up knowing she can be loved and supported for who she is and her interests are uniquely hers. I would never want her to be discouraged from a particular field or interest just because she’s a girl. Through our unique clothing, I’m aiming to create the future I want for her – one filled with possibility, regardless of gender. It’s important to note that if I had a son, I’d want that for him too.”

Austin Jenkins is the Business Manager and founding partner of Mitz Accessories. Jenkins is also a serial socially responsible e-commerce entrepreneur in New York City. His passion is creating socially responsible products, both physical and digital, and utilizing web technologies to scale and streamline business operations.

“Here at Mitz Accessories, we have a wholesome philosophy which even extends to gender balance in the ownership of the company. Our clothing is USA-Made and our team is paid a fair living wage. Unlike others, we custom-design all of our gender-neutral designs in-house. Our thinking as a company is to empower girls and boys to embrace their interests. After all, it’s the next generation that will truly create a gender equal world.”


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